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Was sind Blendschutzscheinwerfer?

Anti-glare spotlights on the market is the light directly emitted by the LED chip, or the light reflected by the reflection cup (lens). The human eye will feel dazzling when looking directly at the lamp. Correct anti-glare means that the side lights are not dazzling clear, can also be said to be no more than dazzling light.

Warum sehen so viele LED-Leuchten auf der Marktseite blendend aus? Es gibt zwei Gründe:

  1. 1. The depth of the reflective cup is too shallow, resulting in the LED chip being directly visible to the naked eye, but this situation is generally less.
  2. 2. More cases are reflective cup mold precision is not high enough, plating layer (mirror layer) is not smooth, reflective cup principle caused by. The light source will not all be reflected by the designed route. And there will be some random reflections of the light sources. And the residual light will enter the eyes, resulting in vertigo.

Es gibt zwei effektive Lösungen:

  1. 1. The LED light source is deep (far away from the panel), and the lamp mouth is designed to be less reflective (white, silver, gold), non-reflective (black), secondary reflective layer (chrome plating) material. The required light is reflected according to the design route. And the unwanted light is absorbed by the less reflective and non-reflective material layer.
  2. The secondary reflective layer changes the direction of the residual light and does not enter the naked eye.
  3. This scheme is suitable for: washing wall effect, local spot light.
  4. Disadvantages: LED lamps (embedded) have a high height (the market generally designs anti-glare lamps more than 11.5cm, and can be controlled to within 7 ~ 9cm), and the cost is higher.

  5. 2. Black anti-glare cellular network, by adding a three-dimensional cellular network in front of the reflector (lens), equivalent to the non-reflective material layer into a number of small areas. The residual light hits the side of the black cellular network. Reduce the residual light random reflection.
  6. This scheme is only suitable for local spot light, because the anti-glare honeycomb network divides the light into a number of small light. If used to wash the wall, because too close to the wall will lead to light streaks. But if you hit the ground or table from the ceiling, the small light will merge together and there will be no light streaks.
  7. Pros: Lower height of the luminaire (recessed in).